The first Fluorescent Yellow Food Day was observed on Feb. 20, 1998. It has since enjoyed many years of growing popularity. Join us in celebrating this year's FYFD. Here's how it all started:

Sherry and Pamela were having dinner together on a nice Friday evening in 1998. They noticed a strange theme to their food — everything was yellow. The menu included macaroni & cheese, corn, and yellow Crystal Light. They joked about how they were eating fluorescent food, which was amusing because another roommate always gave Pamela a hard time about eating fluorescent food like macaroni & cheese and SpaghettiOs instead of the healthy food she regularly prepared.

Since the other holidays in February weren't up to par, the two roommates decided it would be a good idea to make one of their own. Fluorescent Yellow Food Day was born! Sherry realized that all good holidays (those in the significantly celebrated category) have traditions associated with them, so she suggested they establish a few FYFD traditions. The first one had already happened (partaking of a meal comprised of fluorescent food). The next tradition involved receiving fluorescent yellow treats (Butterfingers and lemon drops) and a specially designed FYFD card at the door step from an anonymous giver (known at the time only to Pamela and Sherry). The first FYFD celebration was also attended by a glow-in-the-dark frog.

The love of illuminescence has been spread far and wide since 1998. Here are some of the places FYFD has been celebrated. If you have a location to add from your own FYFD party, let us know on our comments page.

FYFD 1 (1998)

FYFD 2 (1999)

FYFD 3 (2000)

FYFD 4 (2001)
Utah, Alberta

FYFD 5 (2002) “Five Years and Still Fluorescing!”
Utah, Arizona

FYFD 6 (2003)
Utah, Idaho, Texas

FYFD 7 (2004)
Utah, Idaho, Texas

FYFD 8 (2005) "Year Eight and It's Still Great!"
Utah, Idaho, Texas, Ukraine

FYFD 9 (2006) "Celebrating 9 Years of Illuminescing Edibles"
Utah, Idaho, Illinois, Texas, Portugal

FYFD 10 (2007) "Still Going Strong a Decade Long"
Utah, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, Alberta, Texas, Australia, China, India

FYFD 11 (2008) "Year 11 — Heaven! Double the fun of number 1"
Utah, Idaho, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Alberta, and counting!

FYFD 12 (2009)
Utah, Idaho, Kansas, Texas

FYFD 13 (2010) "Year 13: Be proud of your yellow streak!"
Utah, Idaho, South Dakota, Kansas

FYFD 14 (2011) "Year 14: EXTREME food makeover party time!"
Utah, Idaho, South Dakota

FYFD 15 (2012) "Year 15: Celebrating our Quindecennial year!"
Utah, Idaho, South Dakota, Pennsylvania

FYFD 16 (2013) "Happy Sweet Sixteen FYFD!"
Utah, Idaho, and more!